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    The Mighty Pencil portfolio of Jan Willem Wennekes aka Zeptonn!
Working under the name Zeptonn, Jan Willem Wennekes produces illustrative design and creative direction, with a background in Artificial Intelligence (2002) and Philosophy (2006, specialized in the brilliant Ludwig Wittgenstein).
Zeptonn aims to convey positivism and tries to bring a smile to people’s faces. Zeptonn enjoys working with clients with whom he shares some common ground (e.g. eco-friendly or environmental projects). This ensures the best possible collaboration. Zeptonn enjoys working on a variety of disciplines ranging from illustration and graphic design to art direction and project management.  Zeptonn's work can be characterized as positive, eco-friendly, simple/naive, wacky, colourful, fantasy-rich and illustrative. It can be recognized by the hand drawn elements, bright colours and curvy organic linework.

Website : www.zeptonn.nl/
Twitter : @zeptonn