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    Sound Effect series
I'm a huge fan of Marvel and I love the way they incorporate sound effects into their panels. I'm working on my own series of sound effect illustrations that display a certain action accompanied with typo. This is the first in a series of 10, so stay tuned for more. 
Starting out from a quick doodle that hit over 1000 likes on Instagram, I knew this Illustration needed to be vectorized. 
I opened up the sketch in Adobe Illustrator and started cleaning up those sketchy lines. It's important the illustration displays an action. I used a two-point perspective to wrap the car up in a bumpy way to give the viewer that sense of movement.
Time to add some details. I figured out the outlines and was ready to start adding colour.
Once the colour was put in, I dropped in some shadows and highlights to give it that extra pop.
Since my serie incorporates typo it is time to add it to the illustration. The WHAM!! is placed in such a way that is give the illustration some pop and keeps it interesting for the viewer to look at. 
As the icing on the cake I overlayed the illustration with a half tone pattern to give it that Roy Liechtenstein influence and make it a bit more cartoony.