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    Branding project for garment designer Aspar Karahyuseinov
Branding project for garment designer Aspar Karahyuseinov. The logo was designed to reflect his work which emphasises on functional minimalism and sustainability. Both parts of the logo are in a Golden Ratio (1.618). Because of the subtle use of hand-crafted elements in his work, the business cards were designed like stamp signs, which Aspar can create at the moment of giving, thus adding up the desired element of randomness to his overall branding identity.
A static portfolio website was designd and coded. The design was seeked to be minimal with extensive use of rectangular shape. It was purposefully design to slightly reflect the basic HTML websites from the early years of internet, so that it can convey that feeling of crude visuals. Black & White photo gallery has been used for background, with the images changing automatically.
Logo - main
Logo - inverse
Logo with main colour accent
Logo with hand-rendered elements