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Spinning like a flamenco skirt, it improves the way you use and socialize. The wavy avoids the slip of some small objects.
F L A M E N C O  S T O O L
Crafted from solid oak, FLAMENCO is a practical and comfortable stool.
Inspired by the flamenco skirt, this stool has the particularity of having a spinning seat thar makes it fun to use. Ideal for moments of socialization, FLAMENCO is the perfect companion for any dinner table.
D E S I G N E R 
Maria Bruno Néo
D I M E N S I O N S 
Ø 310 H 480
F A C E   T O   F A C E  B O O K S H E L V E S
Face-to-Face is a solid wood four-rack shelf that can be used on both sides, in the traditional way against a wall or as a divider between two areas.
Is a fairly customizable product: available in oak or walnut and in 3 different sizes, doors slide both sides and each wooden panel functions as a framework that can remain natural or be personalized with images.
D E S I G N E R 
D I M E N S I O N S 
W 1430 H 1810 D 410 
W 1830 H 1810 D 410 
W 1375 H 1385 D 410