Monstro Del Puerto, the wine taster - by 2 minds studio
D.Jekyll, the doctor - by Sakiroo Choi
UEFA girls with her friends, the models - by Warhead
Greenjai, the dj - by Diego Okiagari
Double-f the Photographer - by 1000 day
John Ogro, the artist - by Vencys Lao
Disastronaut, the astronaut - by Alexander Zedig Diboine
Beardu Vara, the soldier - by Alongkorn Sanguansook
Spidery-cat-monster-farmer-picky-puff, the farmer - by Elvira Lanzafame
Chocochef, the chef - by ChocoToy
Desperâncio, the gravedigger - by Bruno Vasconcelos
Valdomiro, the miner - by Bruno Miranda
Gotard, the pilot - by Magenta King
Uhrmacher, the watchmaker - by Limetown Studios
Atrarina , the ballerina - by Arthur Mask