Sticker-Eye Branding - Case Study

We usually appreciate and understand the usefulness of an object based on the way it presents itself.

If something's super high-tech but lacks personality, it's doomed to remain forever in the gadget-limbo. Adding personality to a valuable idea or solution, means adding more value.

Revealing, highlighting and spicing up the value proposition of Sticker-Eye enabled us to turn a state-of-the-art home security solution into a top tier crucial gadget that everyone should have at home.
Today, Sticker-Eye is one of the most beloved home security cameras on Amazon.
Positioning and Strategy
Long live the research.

We've conducted market research to support our decision making process and develop the most efficient marketing strategy for our client.

Since was preparing to launch their new product, the team requested our assistance in measuring and understanding the smart home security landscape.
So yep, we started with the research part. The data collection part. And the deconstruction part as well.
We passed through an entire process of deconstruction and lost all our biases and subjectiveness - and gathered new data upon which we founded a new type of bias and subjectiveness: focused, rational and creative.

User Persona

We practiced research not only to understand the impact of Sticker-Eye on its audience, but to tailor our efforts accordingly.
It was of great importance for us to know how the weather was like in our client's competitive landscape, whom they're addressing to, what their strengths and weaknesses were, what could they leverage and what was it that could do them harm.

Sticker-Eye Brand Attributes

We studied from a variety of angles: we took the pulse of the market structure, identified the key players and their core competencies, audiences and their attitude towards smart home security - with the purpose of leveraging them to differentiate Sticker-Eye from its competitors and develop an ideally suited brand for the home security environment.

Product Branding

Balancing research and strategy to design a consistent brand identity for Sticker-Eye.
This way, Sticker-Eye follows the general line of the brand and brand elements, and has the ability to also exist independently in the home security landscape.

Naming & Logo

We first designed a visual identity for the first version of the product - eyecloudcam - that would go live on Kickstarter.
As the company expanded, eyecloudcam evolved into Sticker-Eye: Smart, Trustworthy, Independent, Compact, Keen, with Embedded AI, Recording for as long as there is motion, and always keeping an eye open - even when on stand-by mode.

We came up with a tagline that would exactly communicate the technology behind Sticker-Eye and the way it works.

For battery optimization purposes, the device works on stand-by mode (sleep mode) and is triggered based on user detection preferences. When Sticker-Eye detects an event (motion and/or people), it exits standby mode, starts recording and sends smart alerts via mobile app. After detecting an event and notifying the user, the device enters standby mode again.

Since Sticker-Eye is an AI home security camera, the the shift of “eye” to “AI” is a way in which we wanted to highlight the unique selling point.

So yep, Sticker-Eye sleeps with one AI open.


The leitmotif of in terms of color is blue, and is escorted by quiet and stable black, neutral light grey and wild yellow.

We custom-made a set of ornamental line art icons to drive use attention, help tech specs stand out and provide the overall design with uniformity and fun.


We took lovely photos of Sticker-Eye in inspiring suburban home environments and thus insisted on the company mission of empowering homeowners.
We used 3D renderings to realistically depict the Sticker-Eye camera - exterior and inner parts - thus allowing the user to visualize the product and understand how it works.

Kickstarter Campaign

Iterating our strategy through crowdsourced brainstorming

Research & Planning
Long before launching Sticker-Eye on Kickstarter we did some major research (and stalking) to figure out what were the best practices for a successful crowdfunding campaign, and more specifically, a Kickstarter campaign.

We defined all goals - from budget to creative assets -, set up the stages of our campaign and started working on each stage in turn.

Creative Content

From the very beginning, we knew we needed compelling visuals to nail the campaign - an engaging video and a perfect melange of imagery and texts.

We went for real-life photography to build trust, explainer icons to make the tech specs more appealing and engaging, 3D renderings to showcase the insides of the camera and explain the way it operates, good looking charts to go into tech specs details and catchy headlines to provide a sense of orientation throughout the reading.

All imagery was backed by relevant content that attended the users from start to finish in their journey to smarter security.


Explaining a sophisticated technology to a 2 year old. To the parents of a 2 year old actually.

Ideal for explaining the key features and benefits of Sticker-Eye camera, the product video brought the technology closer to the target audience and helped the company:


Don't say we didn't tell you!

Prior to launching Sticker-Eye on Kickstarter and ~~bragging~~ telling everyone how the home security industry is about to be mind blown, we planned on reaching people so they wouldn’t act so surprised after the big release.

We started to collect email subscribers through a custom-made pre-launch landing page and a series of awareness campaigns on social media.

Product Launch

Meet  the world's first standalone AI embedded battery powered home security camera. Ever.

Having gathered a quite impressive list of email subscribers we then broke the news and informed everyone about the first standalone AI home security camera that was just being launched on Kickstarter. Three days later, Sticker-Eye was successfully funded.


The actual Kickstarter campaign lasted one month, but our efforts would escort the company until all backers received their Sticker-Eye cameras.

We worked closely with’s team and not only did we take care of the social media activity and the company blog, but we made sure to regularly post Kickstarter updates and respond to all comments coming from backers - during the campaign and after.

The Package

Packaging is the extension of a product and the first tactile experience one gets to have right before enjoying the real thing.

User Manual

Making a user manual user friendly.
Our contribution in creating the Sticker-Eye user manual included creating, structuring and organizing the content. We closely collaborated with's tech team and turned a standard FAQs page into an eye candy, well-organized guide that makes everything clear  and cheers up the search.

The App

Keeping your home a pocket away.

The app and the device are the two sides of the same Sticker-Eye coin. The app gives the camera more sense as the users can easily play with its functionalities and customize their experience.

Our main challenge was to streamline the setup of the camera so that the user would start using it in less than 3 minutes.


We went for a simple design that ensures usability and readability and simplifies ones' long-distance relationship with their home.

We believe that an app should do the work on behalf of the user, so we fancied a process that would mostly lead itself towards completion, using explanatory texts and images along the way. The feedback we got from the people who backed our project on Kickstarter was of great value and helped us refine the app and develop a more efficient pairing system.


If wireframing is all about clarity, the design lights up the mood. The app was meant to serve a domestic need, so our main goal was to make it look homely and cozy.
A home security camera that cures your homesickness.

The Sticker-Eye app has it all: smooth and rapid pairing, good looks, intuitive user journey, quick access to footage, easy customization. Just pair the device to your mobile phone and look! That's your cat, meowing at the moon!

Amazon Video
From the lab to the shelf

We decided to make this video completely CG. This provided a huge amount of flexibility. We wanted to make this look as realistic as possible while preserving the clean nook from previously created content.

Sticker-Eye Branding - Case Study
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Sticker-Eye Branding - Case Study


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