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    Re-brand of the Daily Mirror's ident, App, Web layout and Ad strategy
The new brand marque is designed with symmetry and reflection in mind, to play on the publication's title.
The colour wheel look also adds an element of depth as the logo can be percieved as a cube.  
I designed the logo with geometry in mind because i wanted a visual that could fold out in
different ways linking it to the strapline 'Be there when the story unfolds.'  
This strapline establishes the Mirror as having their finger on the pulse and the first place you should go to when a story breaks.  
This is a view of how the mobile app works.
Upon starting up, the main Mirror logo will unfold into sections which the user can customise to suit their needs.
This immediately creates a personal feel and one which the user can get
straight to what they want to know about without having to look hard through the app.  
Once inside the App, different sections are colour coded for ease of use.
The main page of each section is stripped down to an image of whatever main story is unfolding.
there are three buttons below to encourage the reader to look at comments about the story, Media about it or the full print article.  Swiping right or left will change to a new story in the section.  
I have designed the Website in a way that no other news site does.  For me news has to be 100% up to date.  So instead of featuring lots of stories on one main page i have the most relevant to the readership at that time.
There is the option to swipe left of right to go onto another story whenever you choose.
There is no scrolling on the home page, as it features a personalised news dock on the right hand side and a live feed of comments from around the web on the left from which the user can navigate from.
Designed using a grid system that can be easily interchanged into an iPad or any mobile web reader.  
The ad Campaign plays on the main brand values of the Mirror.
I focused on the 'unfolding' aspect of news in the strapline & applied this to design.
I kept the Hexagon that is present throughout the rebrand and repeated it to show news stories unfoldinglike origami.
This encourages the viewer to study the poster to try and work out which news sotry they are looking at.  
I used faces that may not be familliar to the general public for the ad campaign.  This is to keep a sense of mystery and exclusivity as if the Mirror is the only newspaper to know about the story.  This brings in the 'live' element of the design.  The colour scheme is kept classy and minimal .