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    Android Visual Voicemail app for a major US carrier.
Android Visual Voicemail
Year: 2010
Genre: Android native app
Visual Voicemail is an app that gave people a visual interface to their voicemail, as an alternative to the traditional interactive voice response system. It was built for a major US carrier to be embedded in the first Android phones on the market (Android 1.6 and 2.3).
The app works much like an email client where you have the list of voicemails in your inbox. You can see caller information and tell new messages from the ones you have already heard. Playing the messages is much faster than the traditional system because you can see the controls and act right away.
My mandate was to perform an evolutionary redesign to keep the experience fresh. As usual, there was a lot to simplify. Screens were very crowded and some components were barely usable. I adapted the layout to increase the size of touch areas, enhancing the overall visual balance at the same time. I also added a splash of colour to certain elements to make the whole app more cheerful.
There were some cool secondary features like replying a voicemail by SMS. The downside was that each of these features worked in a slightly different way, so I reviewed and adjusted all of them to improve consistency.
The initial sequence, where you configure your account, was completely revamped as well. I eliminated redundant steps and replaced some confusing lingo with clear instructions.
Visual Voicemail was ported to other platforms and different phone types, including non-touch. So I had to adapt the new design accordingly.
Message playback
Initial sequence