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    Firs Behance Portfolio Reviews in Guayaquil, Ecuador organized by Daniela Santibañez
Behance Portfolio Reviews - Guayaquil
14 MAY 2013 | by Daniela Santibáñez
This is the first time the creative community of Guayaquil, Ecuador gathers together to be part of the Behance Portfolio Reviews Week.
Event info
Venue: Universidad Santa Maria - Campus Guayaquil was kind enough to sponsor and host the event.
Catering: Andres Baquerizo - andresbakeb@hotmail.com
Pictures by: Francisco Carrera (b&w), Oscar Granja, and other collaborators
Group Leaders
Jacinto Alvear, Meili Bajaña, Jorge Baldeón, Marcia Fabara, Connie Hunter, Carlos Ibáñez, Humberto Ling, Belén Mena, Jaime Nuñez del Arco, Oliver Rosenthal, JD Santibáñez, Guillermo Valverde
Ricardo Willson and BOT
Appreciated Portfolios and Group Leaders
Most Appreciated Portfolios
Juan Pablo Arévalo, Josué Granda, Sara Vera
Portfolio Reviews