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Stories Playing Cards
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Every story has two sides and isn't complete until you've heard both views. STORIES is the latest project in the Vanda Artists Series and explores the inherent duality that any tale possesses.
Each court card in this deck features an artistic representation of a unique dual-sided story.

There are four volumes available: Red ( I ), Green ( II ), Blue ( III ) & Black ( IV )

Each of them have different treatment for cards: monochromatic, full color, metallic inks & gold foil 
with few more details that makes them different form one another.

Each court card tells two sides of a story when rotated.

King of Hearts:
"Time moves slowly" / "Time passes quickly"

Jack of Hearts: 
"Humble in victory" / "Gracious in defeat"

Jack of Diamonds: 
"Give respect to all" / "Be afraid of none"

Queen of Clubs: 
"Reach for what you want" / "Appreciate what you have"

King of Spades: 
"Sometimes you lose" / "Sometimes you win"

Queen of Spades: 
"All that's born must live" / "All that lives must die"

When you put 4 extra cards, from 4 decks/volumes, you get this amazing tetraptych mural.

+ Jumbo Deck!

Stories Playing Cards

Stories Playing Cards

Stories Playing Cards There are two sides to every story


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