LinkedIn is a career oriented social media network.
It’s easy to lose yourself within the content provided by LinkedIn's current structure. Posts that are either irrelevent or outdated seem to bubble their way up to the top of the feed. This concept explores ways of improving the content, bringing job related information, and general news to the forefront.
"LinkedIn Today" is a simple way to have a refreshing News sidebar without taking over the actual newsfeed. It is something that is available to everyone and customized to their needs.
The updated homepage takes advantage of a three column grid using the left most column for articles and stories. Some big changes in the main content area is the seperation of stories shared from around the web paired with easily digestable updates from your connections.
Basic view of something shared on your feed. Large title typed paired with an image from the article as well as the source.
For the jobs page, I wanted to call out the latest and greatest postings, most relevant to your network as well as pull in the "newsfeed" from the homepage that relates to jobs. This brings the most exposure to the job listings that the user wants to see immeditaly before searching. However, the user can also filter these immediate results by thte always exposed and simple to use refine results sidebar.
News in relation to jobs is extremely important to finding out how to proceed in the market as well as just gather information. I found it hard to find articles once you've either clicked on an article or are just looking for a "landing page" for the news section. The latest article would function as the landing page with the navigation to browse more stories in the left column; this is kept light to not draw away from the article.
On the profile page, users would be able to select imagery/upload their own for their latest job to highlight it above their previous positions. I wanted to treat the projects section a little differently - it will live with each project and function similar to a tweet on Twitter, expanding when you want to view. Here you can see the expanded view of the projects. The current site lacks a connection between the projects and this helps to better tie them together. Again, similar functionality to twitter when you open and close a tweet. The entire area is essentially collapsable while also giving users the option for a "close" button.
Sometimes you have to start over.
This project started out as a generic reskin of LinkedIn, just rearranging the content without rethinking it's purpose. I tore apart what I had previously mocked up and rethought what I felt LinkedIn's purpose should be.