Social Networking Series - oil paintings on canvas and board.
The photos we are all familiar with on social networking sites - You know the ones, scene kids holding the camera above their heads - are my starting point with these paintings. I especially like photos that have potential for abstraction I choose them on an emotive and instinctive basis. Then I request a graphical motif from the subject of the original photo which I overlay to emphasise the two-dimentionality of the painting. I started this series when I was overwhelmed by the sheer landslide amount of inspiring material I was being bombared with and I needed a limiting formula like this to anchor myself.
They're not about Social Network photos, that's just an arbritrary starting point for me (I like pop culture but I dont comment on it). Really, they're much more about the visual aspect. I'm trying to create dynamic compositions that draw attention to the relationship between figure and ground. Personally, I think they're a bit awkward and jarring despite the decorative colourschemes. That, and surface finesse are what I'm aiming for. 
All these paintings are oil on canvas.