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    Client: Coca Cola de Argentina Product: Sprite Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires Position: Digital Creative Director / Senior Art Director Category:… Read More
    Client: Coca Cola de Argentina Product: Sprite Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires Position: Digital Creative Director / Senior Art Director Category: Online Non Traditional Campaign / Virals Awards: Bronze (CCA Diente), Bronze (IAB) Read Less
In the market, and for a long time, Sprite (Coca Cola's second brand) had been targeting its communication efforts towards young people, addressing them in a straightforward manner and using their own codes. For a number of situations, various campaigns were created under the main concept, "Las cosas como son" ("Things as they really are"), referring to recurrent themes such as "Tu amigo te tiene ganas" ("Your male friend wants to have sex with you"), "Aceptás a cualquiera en el Messenger" ("You just add anyone to your Messenger") and "¿Sos un amigo de Fierro?" ("Are you a loyal friend?"), among others.

These campaigns always tried to reflect teenage reality in this kind of situations, and always led to promotions which included giveaways in keeping with the campaigns. 

Under this umbrella concept, "Things as they really are", and with the appearance of the charismatic astrologist and psychic Aschira, different "online, non-traditional" methods were developed to avoid the envy that would be elicited by those getting a supercomputer, or thousands of free SMS text messages, among other prizes: prizes which, given the significant attachment that they could generate in the target audience, would inevitably create an uncontrollable craving to get them.

The main insight, bearing in mind that a good way to fight envy is using red colored objects, was to circulate the typical Sprite green bottle with an eye-catching and innovative red cap, which was the symbol of the Campaign.
A blog was created as the astrologist's Digital Sanctuary, which concentrated exchanges / consultations, and where it was possible to interact with her, post various solutions to envy, send videos to break spells on friends, and even send someone a personalized healing phone call from Aschira.

Other elements were an interesting widget featuring 3 envy cases and advice on how to fight it, made in online commercial TV format; a dynamic video where the psychic stirred an alphabet soup and drew out the (already personalized) name of the individual involved; a digital card bearing a religious-type image to send to someone to protect them from envy; an MSN tab as an online astrologist's office; an MSN Agent where you could add Aschira and exchange advice and healing techniques with her by chat the 24 hours of the day, and a Facebook app to measure how envied you were at a certain moment and viralize the results.

The goal to make Sprite extend its digital frontiers, for the first time, to non-traditional 2.0 online actions met, and resoundingly exceeded, all expectations.