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Evolution of a Splash Screen

Evolution of a Splash Screen
I was approached by Hio to develop some splash screens, along with other small UI animations to "enhance the user experience and add delight".

It all starts with a great logo lockup and Four Fin Creative nailed it with their brand refresh.
Round 1
We started off by doing 10-20 drafts, then selecting the best of those. 

Hio wanted a few options with the full logo, some with the wordmark, and they wanted their social butterfly to flap it's wings.
Round 2
Hio: That's not how a butterfly flaps its wings.

Me: Right. Here's some alternatives.
Round 3
Hio: Almost there, can the wings slowly come to a stop?

Me: Of course they can.
Round 4
Final delivery in GIF format. Ready to load in to the app.
Be sure to check out Hio on the App Store/Google Play for some more in-app animations.
Evolution of a Splash Screen

Evolution of a Splash Screen

Splash screen and UI motion element development.