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    Case study and making of an iOS icon
When i saw the “Boxing Glove” of
Konstantin Datz, i wondered how a different
version could look like.

The first sketch i made was mitten. 
I shared my sketch with a friend and he said that
also a cooking glove might look nice.
I liked this idea – so i re-worked my sketch a bit.
I started with a simple base mesh for my
I’ve invested some time to think about which
materials to use. Although i liked all three
atterns the glove looked overdetailed in small
sizes. So i decided to go with a simple fabric.
To apply the fabric realistically i had to generate
an UV map of the base mesh.
For creating a nice texture I generated different
channels and applied them to my mesh.
After assigning all layers of the texture to the
model i started to create a lighting and finished
the rendering with some little tweaks around
the stitching.
Many thanks to Konstantin Datz for
inspiration and help.