Home Office System
The economic climate is reshaping the way we work. The amount of people opting to work from home is increasing, and this growing group has unique needs when it comes to task furniture.

The main requirement is flexibility of use. Flexibility is actually a recurring theme throughout the work-from-homer's daily routine. Working from home has its benefits -- one being the ability to structure your schedule however you choose. Not only is their schedule flexible, their workspace is flexible, as well. This is made possible by the development of computer technology. Laptops now allow us to unchain ourselves from the desk and work from wherever is most effective (or comfortable as my research revealed.)

When square footage is also a commodity, it helps to be able to use your work furniture during downtime -- eliminating the need for excess furniture. I've created a system with a handful of innovative solutions and features one will not only appreciate daily, but also grow to love. It's that bond with our products that I continually attempt to promote in my design.

Those features include:
- A task chair that slides into a reclined position to redistribute your body weight while relaxing.
- Multiple chair base options: spherical casters for hardwood floors and gliding-feet for carpet.
- An integrated excess cord management system allowing you to coil and hide cord slack.
- A desk with a side dedicated to relaxation with a lowered height, padded surface, and reading light.
- And a shelf with integrated track lighting for adjustable, wireless lighting.

The sum of these features is a furniture system that allows you to not only focus on your work, but also get some much-needed relaxation without having to leave the room -- or even your desk for that matter.