Created for Mason Row's booth at the Stationery Show at NYC's Javits Centre, the banner is made up of chalk recreations of antique monograms. Creative direction from JP Williams at Design MW.
JP supplied me  with several books containing tiny orignal mogoram engravings. Each tiny monogram, measuring less than half an inch, was engraved by meticulous hands on tiny pieces of copper and placed in a collector's book, like you'd see stamps collected. I needed to scan the images at 900dpi and enlarge them in order to see them properly. The detail was jawdropping. 
Recreating in chalk was a challenge, but the project was joy. 
Some were more variated from their original than others. With a couple of my own creations that came out of hours looking at these THINGS!
Photo below is at it was being installed at the Javits Centre for The Stationery Show. 
This one was my design, an interpretation of their company monogram/logo. 
Your guess is as good as mine... LLA?