Dot collection (2019) / Lino-board
Dot collection (2019)

/ Design for Flat point (Lino-board)
/ Design rights reserved by Studio PESI.
/ Not in production (searching for producer)

During a research with a factory where manufactures linoleum boards and also table tops with the material, we noticed that tons of left-overs from linoleum boards are created after cutting the size of a table top. As a result of this project, we tried to give a new usage to the wasted resources. The ‘DOT' collection of chair, bench and side table are made with off-the-shelf solid wood cylinder and leftovers from linoleum board. Joints between two materials create the visual identity of the collection. By using the left-overs from linoleum board, the collection has a soft and warm surface on the top.
design by Studio PESI.
photograph by Yoon Park.

Thank you.

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Dot collection (2019) / Lino-board