Lumber (2017) / PAPER POP
Lumber (2017)

/ Design for PAPER POP
/ Design rights reserved by Studio PESI.
/ Not in production

We designed a self-assembly side table collection using only simple processed cardboards and PVC rivets. The project was approached for a purpose of new usability and expandability of a cardboard.

To assemble ‘Lumber’, a cardboard was cut by die-cutting press which is one of easiest production method to process cardboard. Thereafter, the processed cardboard was rolled and squared like a rectangular lumber and assembled with a PVC rivet. A total of eleven types of rectangular lumbers made by cardboards can be combined in various ways to form six types of tables, and colors and patterns can be freely printed on cardboards. therefore, it is easy to make new expressions and create new combinations.

design by Studio PESI.
photograph by Yoon Park.
Thank you.

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Lumber (2017) / PAPER POP