"Head Stock” is an archive of sensations and emotions offered by the immediate reality. The images and objects create a universe that abounds in symbols, an exuberant world, in which the subconscious is brought to surface. The visual interpretation of the head breaks the conventions of the portrait and has infinite storage ability, each layer revealing new narrative details on the enormous visual ‘luggage’ each of us has.
Turning to the traditional technique of linocut, the artist stages a meeting between that technique and the contemporary artistic language derived from lowbrow art or bande dessinée. The created images do not settle for the two-dimensional flat surface of the paper. They become objects, plays of lights and shadows, they extend to the walls of the gallery, and then return to the engraving plate, exhibited as an art object in itself. Thus, the serial production is dominated by the authority of the prototype.
The characters never reveal their identity completely. We do not know whether they are beautiful or ugly, good or bad, whether they have a body or not, but we know where they come from and that place is at the border between fantasy and reality, where we would all want to live."  curator of the project - Diana Marincu