Logopack 2009-2010
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Lapsi - childdren shoes mark

Lapsi - children shoes mark

Columbus - private air company

Columbus - peivate air company

Chocochoke - web developers group

Садова Родина (means Garden Family) - fruit company

Australian pork - meat production company

Buben travel - travel company

Wineline - wine gallery

Adimurti - yoga equipment store

Pearl - web portal for women

Godduck - little design studio

Tortilla - creative agency

Libera - dance and fitness school

Raduga - polygraphy company

Azimuth Diamond Club - yacht club

Маеток Сокильске - private hotel

Садова Родина (means Family Garden) - fruit company

Золотониськи Сади - fruit gardens

Доктор Живаго - beer store

Yellow Submarine - hot-dog cafe

Cinematea - web society

Cinematea - web society

Artcommerce - advertising agency

Calaca - personal logo for hand-mader

Napoleon - sushi-bar

Ofire's - internet provider

Chateau aile - furniture and interior design studio

Levin Coda - personal logo for author

Plausma - logo for blog

Kinochi - sign for society of night cinema lovers

Independent Films - production company

Neuro - logo for Quake4 team

5th Ukrainian Students Festival of Adveertising official sign

Чумацький Шлях - elite gastronomes

Fotofot - copyright for photographer

Infomena - exchange web portal

Logopack 2009-2010

Logopack 2009-2010

some of logoworks of Alex Badovsky that was made in 2009/2010 years

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