This book about my friend´s little brother who cannot speak. I wanted to share this story because it´s sad how people behave toward children like him. Just because someone doesn´t have the ability to talk it doesn´t mean they are not smart, cannot communicate and understand.
I would like to thank you to Adriana Cerna and her family for sharing their story with me and other readers.
This story is about a special little boy.
His name is Teodor and he is 5 years old. When he was one and half years old his parents started to notice there was something wrong. Kid´s his age started to talk and he hadn’t.
His parents took him to see specialists, but they could not find anything wrong.
Other kids played together, but he just liked cars. He would line them up and watch them for hours.
After lots of tests they found the speech part of his brain wasn´t connecting as it should, and it might take a while for him to talk.
Starting school was difficult, because he couldn´t communicate like the other children.
His parents did lots of research and they found a specialist school in Prague, a long way from his home.
The facilities they provided were great. Many of the kids there made big progress in their treatment including Teo.
People’s attitudes and behaviour towards children with these kinds of difficulties has an effect.
Not being able to communicate has no bearing on someone’s ability to understand. Teo understands everything any other child his age can.
Isolation can feel like a prison.
Everybody deserves to be heard.
Thank you for reading