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    OneMethod's 2008 XMas site to promote a green XMas and reuse our old letterhead/envelopes as we had just recently rebranded.
Won 2007 Webby Nomination and 2008 Applied Arts award.
Print piece chiefly designed by the very talented Mrs. Katherine Patton, Art Directed by myself and our stellar CD Steve Miller. Users received this embossed litho print piece in the mail and were then asked to cut out their own snowflake or cut out one of the provided designs. Very successful self promotional campaign for OneMethod that was a feel good story. We had just rebranded so instead of throwing away all the old letterhead etc. we used it in this campaign. A truly green XMas!
Our 2007 Holiday site that was accompanied by a print piece. The idea was to have a "green Christmas" by reusing our old letterhead as we had just rebranded. Our customers and friends received the package above in the mail containing some of our old letterhead. Once you cut along the dotted line and unfolded the paper beautiful snowflakes appear! Customers were then asked to cut out their own designs and send them back to us. For every snowflake received we donated $25 towards the Nature Conservancy Fund. We also scanned in the snowflake and added to our digital snowfall on the site itself. The campaign was a great success!
check out the site and upload your very own snowflake if you like...