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    D&AD 2013 Batiste Brief - range of four 60s-monochrome, trend-led designs along with website and POS. I somehow won a Best of Year award for it!
D&AD Best of Year Winner 2013 - Applied Graphics (so happy!!)
Brief: Create a trend-led graphic identity for a limited edition range of Batiste products. Build the Batiste brand by creating four new graphic identities and fragrances. They should fit in with the current range but have stand out shelf appeal. Demonstrate this across a number of practical applications, including packaging, website and point of sale.
The theme for my range was based on the 60s monochrome trend, going by the name of 'Revival' - relating both to the revival of 60s fashion/style and the revival of tired, oily hair in need of a boost. I attempted to create a more sophisticated range catering to both the current Batiste demographic and a slightly older one (i.e. late 20s - 30s), with feminine designs without resorting to neon colours and too much pink. Each of the bottles in the range is named after a 1960s dance, with a 60s hairstyle tutorial link through a QR code on the back of each bottle.