The Design Code
The Design Code is my bachelorsproject for Sint Lucas Antwerpen.
There is a major gap between the life of a design student and the one of a professional.
I felt the need of learning some concrete laws on graphic design and everything that comes with it. 
This is how the book came about, I started mailing a bunch of designers whom I look up to and asked them the question if they could give me one (or more) laws on graphic design. What should you consider when you're planning on running your own studio? what should fuel your creativity as a designer? How can you promote yourself in the best possible way? those are only a few of the subjects that this book explanes.
The Design Code is made for soon to be graduate design students or design enthousiast who would love a read on a various range of design subjects. It holds 76 laws and a bunch of interviews with some of the worlds top creatives.
Size: 30 x 30 cm closed
          30 x 60 cm open
Color: Black & white + red
Paper weight: 100gr
Pages: 212