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House of Electronic Arts Basel

House of Electronic Arts Basel

House of Electronic Arts Basel is an institution dedicated to the digital culture for the new art forms of the Information Age. It is a place to show the impact of media technologies on economic and socio-political issues through an art form. And through this exhibition, the goal is to open a creative and critical discourse in the latest media technology. It shows contemporary art that explores and configures new media; it promotes an aesthetic practice of using information technology as a medium for contemporary art, making it vividly accessible to see the process from beginning to the end. HEA custom typefaces are inspired by the binary system which resembles the basic foundation of the electronic device. This is portrayed by having thick horizontal lines with thin vertical lines to form each letter of the typeface. This logotype family contains two styles: regular for display and short for standard text. The new identity of HEA is also built on the foundation of an algorithm system and therefore, all graphic elements are either based on a grid system or modular system.​​​​​​​

This is a school project at ArtCenter College of Design.

Hyper Electronic Audio Resonance

Hyper Electronic Audio Resonance is an annual multi-day international conference that focuses on Electronic Sounds hosted by House of Electronic Arts Basel. The HEAR conference is a center for research and development and a showcase for the latest cutting-edge science in music and technology. Its mission is to create a community where experts around the world come to share and comingle the latest ideas. The conference is comprised of a variety of programs such as concerts with new sound technology, workshops, artists Q&A, and exhibitions. 

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House of Electronic Arts Basel