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    Wall Graphics for Medway Cafeteria
Medway Cafeteria Wall Graphics
The Drill Hall is running a competition for students to produce a proposal for inspirational wall-based art work in the Archibald Hay Mess. 
The Archibald Hay Mess
In 2010 part of the library was converted into a social learning/café space.  The combination of original architectural features with state of the art ‘techno-booths’ provides a contemporary, light and airy feel.   The space is aimed at promoting collaborative working in a more relaxed and informal setting, whilst also providing a space for students to take a break and have a snack.  The café was named after Archibald Hay who was the youngest person to be killed in the bomb (see History below) which hit the Drill Hall on the evening of 3 September 1917.  More info about Archibald can be found at http://campus.medway.ac.uk/library/about/files/Archibald%20Hay.pdf 

This is what the cafeteria currently looks like
My designs was inspired by a photographer Robert Parkeharrison, some of hisphotographs were based on flying and success, they were also humorous and quirky, which I thought would be a great starting to point to create designs which would inspire students to succeed.
My first design is of an elephant flying droppig books. The Archibald Hay mess has a history of planes and bombs, but thought this convery a negative message to the students and visitors. Instead I used an elephant flying high out of a flood of books to show success and quirkiness. An elephant? Why? I want grab the visitors attention to appreciate and look at the wall graphics rather than jus look and ignore it.
"An elephant never forgets"
I've used bright colours to make the cafe more colourful, as well as white space to let in mroe light. For the background I have used crumpled paper to give texture instead of a plain background (bacause it's boring to always see plain smooth backgrounds) Crumpled paper also has relations for rubbish (cafeteria) and students constantly always screwing up paper and throwing it away.
I put in a nice quote for students to read and inspire them with their studies
Final designs on walls