Automotive Design

Like any other great idea — the idea of creating Carbogatto came unexpectedly. 
| was always interested in cutting-edge technology, especially in the transportation sector.  And always dreamed of being part of it. Of course, I've been following the development of Tesla company and must admit, it was quite influential and played a big role in the birth of the Carbogatto idea. 
In the meantime, | was a frequent guest at the related expos and kept noticing the widespread trend of introducing electric motor into the transport industry. Electric bikes industry was getting especially popular.

Acceleration from 0 to 45 km/h
IN 6,2 SEC
70-105 KM*
Weight (incl. the battery)
39 KG
CO2 emission
0 G/KM
Power consumptio 4,5-1,6 kWh/100 km
Charging time 3 hours to 80%, 5 hours to full battery

Future has come and we have to live up to this future. There is a challenge in all of our
developments. We are creating a whole new way of transportation, without looking back at what already exists on the market. Our products combine in themselves cutting-edge technology, safety features and comfort, all in one unique design. 
And it requires solving complex, nontrivial problems.

We plan to lead in the industry of personal luxury electric motorbike for daily use. Important role for us plays our aesthetic perception of the world. That is why besides the practical functionality, Carbogatto products open up the opportunities for self-expression and individuality for our customers.

Another year or so we have fully devoted ourselves to engineering and design improvements, tests, creation of pilot production, opening of the first office and the adjustment of all the processes necessary for the perfect launch.
In 2019, Carbogatto has successfully passed all static and dynamic tests, certification audits and been put into mass production. Today, with great confidence, we can proudly say that we were able to achieve the ideal combination of the most modern technologies and highest production quality of every component, embodied in the unique and stylish
design of the first model — Carbogatto H7.


                                                                                           team project

                                                                                            Igor Stepanov
:                       CEO, Founder

                                                                                            Aleksey Berdinskikh :            Founder
                                                                                            Artem Khayrullin :                  CBDO, Founder
                                                                                            Nikolay Medvedev :                Chief Engineer
                                                                                            Igor Krymov :                          Chief Composite Technologist
                                                                                            Artem Smirnov :                      Industrial Designer
                                                                                            Vladimir Panchenko :             Exterior Designer
                                                                                            Aleksey Shelukho :                 CG Visualization

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