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Chit Chart
From the bottom of the ocean to the outer space, our world is full of data.
Which are the loudest animals, how tall are the highest pyramids, how many of us believe in aliens?
And that’s just a few of them. Imagine now if we gathered lots of data in one place and created charts
in a simple, shareable form.

Chit chart is meant to create that place.
Our team collects data from reliable sources on the Internet and designs charts in order to communicate simple, or not so simple data about our world. We consider our website to be more fun and less educative.
We are doing our best to assure that our charts are 100% correct, but we also need your help.
Feel free to share and comment our charts. That’s why we are doing this anyway.
So, let’s talk about charts. Let’s chit chart.

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Chit Chart