I was commissioned by the director to illustrate the poster for "Halina" short movie by Ricci Bros.
you can watch the trailer of the movie here
Short movie description:
starring: S. Prosdogemi, G. Sinicorni, V. Morigi, G. Drauss di Rauso, L. De Angelis.

Through the eyes of Halina, a little gypsy girl, we follow a day in the life of three characters. As the story unfolds, the paths of these individuals are fated to cross in unpredictable ways and each decision they make will prove critical to their destinies.

Halina asks Fatima, an elderly prophet, to explain the significance of three tarot cards she has found -- The Fool, The Moon and The Devil -- and as she listens attentively to the old woman's words, the lives of three people she has encountered during the day begin to take shape in her mind.

The story that Halina imagines takes place in the midst of Rome's constantly evolving political and migrational climate, while the antiquated traditions of the celebrated city continue to loom large. Within this environment, Halina represents the candid voice of a population that is unjustly persecuted and mistreated by a society that insists on creating scapegoats to account for its ongoing violence, contradictions and lies.

The film's main characters -- Saverio (The Fool), Luna (The Moon), Riccardo (The Devil) -- and those they come into contact with -- Xenia, Mario and Sandro -- embody these contradictions, while shedding light on the immorality that inhabits our culture.

Through a series of chance meetings and collision courses determined by fate, luck and the impact of Halina’s fantasies, The Fool, The Moon and the Devil enact the life-changing events of a day in Rome from three strikingly different perspectives.
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