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    Knock Knock identity.
Knock Knock is a contemporary free online magazine that gives insight and updates on contributors of graphic art. This broad category ranges from graffiti, to photography, to digital art. The idea of Knock Knock is synonymous with the call-and-respond joke of the same name—as the audience and those showcased are often of the same niche, the reciprocation of all participants works to create the punch-line or end product.
In its relatively short lifespan, Knock Knock has built a following, particularly within the realm of ‘street art’. Through all this, its identity has remained ambiguous. Its visual marks have been inconsistent from issue to issue—too busy, confused and placid for something representing the simultaneously bold and dynamic, yet visually elegant world of graphic art. Despite its insufficient visual impact, Knock Knock readers grew familiar with the latest italicised logotype.
Previous logos
The new logo retains an uppercase, italicised wordmark to familiarise past audiences, and is coupled with an icon: two bold exclamations, each representing a “knock”.

The logotype’s relation to the logo in terms of scale emphasizes the exclamation marks—they are large and loud. It’s simple, clear, direct, and works at all scales. It’s an appropriate representation of a loud, bold, and dynamic graphic industry. It’s memorable and fun.
Process sketch
New logo
Business cards (the logo has been letterpressed on stock usually designed for offset printing, creating a bevel on the backside which implies that the loud, bold icon has knocked through to the opposite side).
The icon is versatile. It works to watermark images more effectively than past logos.
The logo can be coloured, inverted, and used as a mask.
The magazine cover is essentially a door to the “underground” world of graphic art. The cover is purposely ambiguous, with no stated theme, artist list, or issue number—only visual differentiators such as image or colours. The details are within, just as how the knock-knock joke always has an obtainable, though sometimes difficult to anticipate, punch-line.
The audience, tempted, will know how to respond.
Instagram: @aldousmassie