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    Develop growth strategies for small business considering short and long term goals
Small Business Marketing
Big Business Thinking
Elaine Mack is a well established massage therapist in Massachussetts, practicing for 10 years, and coming highly recommended by her existing clients. She has been supporting herself and her family but the business has not been growing as steadily as she would like. She hit a plateau and needs help crossing into the next level.

The first part of making it happen is jumping the gulf of self doubt, the second is defining success. How many clients would you like to have? Do you wish to update prices? What are your thoughts on hiring staff? These questions inevitably spur some of the most interesting and life altering conversations that a small business owner will have. 

In Elaine's case, we arrived at several goals as follows:

1. Launch and maintain regular marketing campaigns throughout the year (immediate)
2. Become more visible in online searches and within the community (within a year)
3. Hire and work with staff to maximize productivity and community reach (5 years)

Below are a few samples of the first campaign we just executed. Winter Holidays 2010. Consisting of:

1. Postcard Reminder
2. Holiday Wishes Card
3. Gift Certificate
4. List of Services

All of the above were designed from scratch, and promptly dispatched via mail and email.