Using data must become a core competence of all humanitarians in the 21st century.
This involves increasing capacity to interact with data from the point of collection
to using it to inform a decision and get feedback from beneficiaries and communities.
Corresponding with the launch of a Humanitarian Data Center in the Hague,
this three part Virtual Reality experience explores data cycles, harvest, analysis and use
in the context of the humanitarian action.
As this VR film was made for the opening of the new Center for Humanitarian Data of the UNITED NATIONS we needed to integrate and visualise up to date real data into the project as well as showing people on the ground, dealing with the current humanitarian crisis in Nigeria.

Nigeria is the most populous and connected country in Africa. Yet, with the continent’s largest mobile market, the North-East region remains isolated. In the past four years, insurgencies by Boko Haram have exacerbated problems in the Borno State. 5.8 million people face extreme malnutrition, food deficit and massive displacement of population. The lack of infrastructure and connectivity of affected regions make it difficult to reach and meet people based on their needs. To respond to the crisis, humanitarian workers use a vast array of data – gps location, open data kits, market price trends and satellite imagery – to get a bigger picture. From data collection, to dot connection to community feedback, data is a crucial tool to inform critical humanitarian response.
Intro animation explaining the political situation.
A speech bubble representing a twitter alert. 
Data on commodities are animated inside a shop, shot at a market in Maiduguri.
A graph on the horizon. The audience gets spatial audio cues to discover the data visualizations.
Inside the data vortex. All graphic elements celebrate the rich Nigerian cultural heritage. 
To draw attention to the data animations the 360 video turns black and white, and gets its colors back to continue the local storylines.
Location and character names are playfully placed, but always within the circle of attention of the VR viewer.
Background animation for end titles and chapter menu.
Different realities... SET PICTURES
Total length: 8.45 min
Format : 360 video, spatial or stereo sound (mobile: Samsung Gear VR, iOS, Android, Daydream)
Production: EyeSteelFilm, Canada / UNOCHA

UN LAUNCH - United Nation Center for Humanitarian Data,  The Hague (Netherlands), December 22 2017,
in the presence of UN Secretary General
DAVOS World Economic Forum (Switzerland), January 22-26, 2018.
Data for Development Festival, Bristol (UK), March 21st-23rd, 2018
Global Festival of Action, Bonn (Germany). March 21st-23rd, 2018
World VR Forum, Crans Montana, Switzerland, June 7-10th 2018
BIG PICTURE is also accessible as part of the official UNVR VR Film Collection
Big Picture