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    Emerald Beetle, wounded and found in my backyard.
This Emerald Beetle was found wounded in my yard, hence the slight angle at which it decided to lay.  I wish I had more time with the beetle and better lighting sources. I am currently using a transparency sheet tablet to illuminate the base, and a 500 watt work light, and an LED Flashlight.  So I have no free hands and focusing is even harder.  I seriously need to invest in better light sources to free up my hands to focus on "focusing" and the my subjects.
Editing the images, I was able to bring to life the colors these insects project off their chitinous exoskeleton. In complete sun light they primarily sheen with emerald green, but moved indoors with artificial light sources they display not only emerald green, but blues and violet colors.  Most likely due to my LED lights.  I wish I had this subject under a better lit environment.