Brit Apartment

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For English girl in Kyiv.

Type: private apartment | Area: 150 sq.m | Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Brit Apartment is an apartment for a London college student who decided to come back to her native Kyiv. From England, she will bring the habit of having breakfast with oatmeal and strong tea with heavy curtains being unopened. So the interior is like her typical morning: foggy colors with warm, quiet light, natural materials with their lively tactility.


A lot of wood and concrete, just like at the avenues of European capitals. The walls are sheathed with these natural materials in 50/50 proportion, where a tree of a warm tea shade rescues from the dank cold of concrete.

In the central zone of the apartment, there is the most massive accent in the interior — a coffee table and a slate wall. Their texture is as if London wind cuts two blocks of black clay. In this zone, the designer lamp+table Bijou is responsible for light, soft and bookish.

Here, it seems like the tree wants to beat concrete: a 2-meter board of natural tinted ash goes from the floor to the wall, but spotlighted concrete does not let it go to the ceiling.

The dining area also features Sergey Makhno Architects furniture with Bubalus chairs and a Polar Night lamp.

In the guest bedroom, the wooden walls are refined, like real dandies in their outfits, rounding off corners and merging with glass surfaces. A formal desk lamp is next to a Crust handmade ceramic lamp. The minimalistic console table is completed with an Elk chair and a huge light-colored picture. Here, art does not contradict the functions.

In the guest bathroom, the concrete saddles up with stone — maximum of excellent grayness of London.

In the utility room and laundry, some guests will want to stay for long. It is because of bluish shades of wood and stone, the quiet buzz of the washing machine and the perfect cleanness of the interior.

The master’s bedroom is modest and conservative, as the Chelsea district of London. But it’s not without avant-garde: there are no doors to the bathroom, although the number of sinks implies two inhabitants. In the shower area, you can not just sing, you can dance a twist. And if you get carried away — you can dance to the dressing room the entire Charleston program.


Brit Apartment
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