Berliner Mauer (OST)
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    Font constuted while on Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade
Berliner Mauer Ost is, in fact, another free of charge brush font. What makes it interesting is the fact that the characters were designed through analysis and reconstruction of a number of graffiti from the Berlin Wall, that is on the eastern side of the wall. I got the inspiration during one of my trips to Berlin and I initially did it for a project in a course called Typography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. The basic idea was to try and covey the spontaneity, rawness, but also the visual qualities of brush-written letters on concrete wall. The greatest challenge was constructing a Cyrillic set of characters based on Latin characters from the wall. The result are two sets of All Caps characters, both Cyrillic and Latin, as well as their alternatives that when combined, along with inconsistent kerning, yield additional dynamics and spontaneity. The sets include a basic palette of characters.

It will be soon available for free download.
Printed on concrete for a graduate exhibition.
Quotes are from Einstürzende Neubauten - Die Befindlichkeit des Landes