Every summer, a 5k in Washington, D.C., Race for Hope, raises money to benefit brain cancer research. This race gives hope to those fighting brain cancer and their loved ones. In 2019, my agency was challenged to raise awareness about this annual race and to thank the community of supporters. 

The overarching message we came up with was “Racing for hope. Raising for hope.”  Along with assets for the race, I produced two videos targeting supporters and runners. The first video displayed our gratitude to supporters with a simple “Thank You.” The second video invited runners to share more than their run stats by participating in a meaningful race. These powerful ads were viewed on Facebook where they connected with those who watched it, increasing donations by 11% and followers by 20%.

My role was to handle post-production for the two videos, and to create a range of deliverables using the “Thank you for raising hope” graphic. Assets included: snapchat filters, out-of-home ads, web banners, and merchandise.

Art Direction: Alfonso Cuesta   •   Video Editing and Design: Linn Ruiz-Goubert   •  
Design: Jaime Gonzalez   •  Copywriting: Raven Faux

32,000  People reached    •    20 %  Follower increase    •    250 +  Shares
19 %  Engagement    •    1,000 +  Reactions    •    11 %  Increase in donations

Thank You