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    My senior thesis, all dedicated to one guy. Thanks for the the inspiration and motivation. Copyright 2013, Macknzie Prather, ALL RIGHTS RESERVE… Read More
    My senior thesis, all dedicated to one guy. Thanks for the the inspiration and motivation. Copyright 2013, Macknzie Prather, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Read Less
For my senior design thesis, I knew I needed a project that would challenge me, and make me a better designer. One of my biggest problems is drawing from my own experiences in design, but this year I had just the right motivation: My boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me through a text message. Nothing says revenge like an entire line of products dedicated to getting girls out of the break-up slump and back in the game. I provided these design solutions with an unapologetic boldness. I defined a list of what every woman needs, based on personality type, and the stage of the break-up, and stated why they were included and how to use them to their fullest extent. This company, called Flourish, is centered around forgetting that asshole and having a good time. Because after all, being fabulous is the best revenge.
Copyright 2013 - Mackenzie Prather, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 
The blue system, entitled "Maybe Grab Some Tissues", is for a fresh heartbreak. Whether it just happened, or you're having some trouble letting him go, this group of goodies to here to mop up the tears. You have to let it all out before you can feel better. It features a bottle of booze (we used tequila for this particular package), a plate to break for some stress relief, a mixed tape of tunes to blast when you're feeling lonely, a lighter to burn all the things he left at your apartment, chocolate, because it's a requirement, and tissues, because sometimes locking the door and ruining a pillowcase is the only thing that makes you feel better. 
The orange system is the second phase of a break-up, called "I Took The Ring, He Got The Finger." You're no longer in denial, and you don't look at your phone hoping to see his number quite as much. In fact, the mere thought of him sends you into a rage. This is typically the longest stage of a break-up, and also has the potential to be the most fun. (And dangerous. Never underestimate what you might do after six kamikazes. Do not go to the bar alone.) You're single, and it's time for some risks. Cut your hair, take an unplanned trip - staying busy and having fun will push you towards soaking up single-dom. This kit features booze to numb the pain and fuel the fire, a mixed tape with the angry likes of P!NK, Ke$ha, and Miranda Lambert, condoms (no apologies, better safe than sorry), chocolate, a lighter, and a megaphone, so everyone can hear you scream out what a dick he is. And if that doesn't work, take a note from Blu and "go back and hit 'em style."
"I Won't Cry, My Mascara is Too Expensive." The third phase is perfect for a girl's night in. You're recovering from all crazy nights out, and you're starting to realize that life if pretty good without him. This system has a plate to break, just in case you ever start to doubt your faith in single-ness and feel lonely, a mixed tape of girl anthems from artists like Taylor Swift and Beyonce to remind you how awesome you are, chocolate, a lighter, and a compact, so you always look your best in front of that hot guy who just started working across the street.
The last stage of the break-up is apropriately titled, "You Got Single, Now Mingle". You're more than fine with being single now, and every weekend has potential to be a party. What's-his-name no longer has a place in your heart, or your phone. Featuring a bottle of whiskey to start it off right, a cute flask to keep the party going with you, condoms (Because one more time, never underestimate your boozed up actions. Better safe than sorry!), a lighter, chocolate, and a glorious mixed tape soundtrack with tunes from Rihanna and Keri Hilson to set off the car ride to the club.