A LASALLE x Curtin University Cultural Exchange Project
This project was a Cultural Exchange project with Curtin Students in Australia, showing them what our culture is like over in Singapore.
My team took on the concept of promoting selected Singapore's favorite local dishes through the use of durians, one of Singapore's favorite fruit, through a stop-motion animation.
The story of the short motion animation speaks about 2 durians who wake up to a table of good local dishes, and unknowingly, was visited by a gigantic human, who swings by and grabs one of them for consumption.
A process book was also made to show the process taken in undertaking this project.
Directed by: Amalina Ahmad
Photography by: Marjory Kho
Animation by: Charis Ng
The making of the durian and the seeds (main characters in the story)
The durian husk was made out of moulding clay. The spikes were made separately before putting it on the husk, leaving it to dry for a couple of hours and then painting it with poster color.
Selected scenes
The stop-motion animation
The process book