DigiFabric Structure

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  • DigiFabric Architecture
    Challenging the patterning of traditional fabric architecture
  • Although the uses of fabric in architecture vary greatly, the tone and quality of these structures are very similar. White, seamless surfaces are stretched with anchor points to create curvy skins.  The design and fabrication processes of these structures have been refined to high degree for many years by firms like Frei Otto.  Using digital fabrication tools at our disposal, we wanted to challenge the conventions of fabric surfaces used in architecture.  Rather than replicate the process mentioned, we wanted to push the tone and quality of the fabric skin by highlighting, rather than hiding, the seam.

    Fabric project done in collaboration with Virginia Black.
    Bent rod structure provided by Chris Bennett and Michael Senkow.
  • Fabricated using 7-axis KUKA robot and JUKI sewing machine.
    Materials- ballistic nylon and metal grommets.
  • Scripting-
    Relaxation scripts using Processing (via Supermanoevre) to find the relaxed form fabric will take given certain material and attachment parameters.  Rhino Script developed in Monkey to unroll the surface and create a cut file.
  • Hexagon pattern formation
  • Anchor points attach to bent rod structure, which was fabricated by another group- Chris Bennet and Michael Senkow.