305 Fitness Rebrand


After winning Brown University's prestigious Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition, Sadie Kurzban took her 305 Fitness business idea straight to New York City. Thanks to her long-time experience as a dancer in her hometown of Miami, she has a very specific, unique vision of what people should expect to experience during a fitness class. The name “305 Fitness” is a nod to Miami’s zip code.

Kurzban’s revolutionary 305 classes combine an intense dance cardio workout with an underground Miami nightlife vibe, featuring a live DJ and rhythmic light show. Inclusion and self-expression are core values of the organization. With five studios already up and running and more than 100,000 registered clients, 305 Fitness wanted to refresh its image in order to enlarge its market across the country, with plans to expand to 20 locations by 2021.

The new identity—loud, pop and in your face—is exemplified by a wildly diversified clientele, out-there instructors and classes (aka “dance parties”) that are completely outrageous.

Brand strategy and positioning: Rachel Lecompte & Gabriel Lefebvre (Ethos)
Creative direction, graphic design: Gabriel Lefebvre (Ethos)
Copywriting: Rachel Lecompte (Ethos)
Custom typography (Sport and Neon): Gabriel Lefebvre (Ethos)
Photography: Virginie Gosselin
Photo Retouching: Visual Box 
Photo Assistant: Audrey McMahon
3D: Jeff Clermont 
Hair & Make Up Artist: Marianne Caron (Folio)
Models: Laure & Josh (Folio) 

Thank you.

305 Fitness Rebrand