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Weeds Apology - Exhibition
"Apologia de la mala hierba" (Weeds Apology) is a collaborative project: an activity and an exhibition in "El Aparador" exhibition space, located in "el Vallés" region, Barcelona. It is part of the Cycle "Ficcions Urbanes" (Urban Fictions) curated by Art Collective Mixité.

The project is based on the book "The Third Landscape Manifest" by Gilles Clément. It questions our perception on nature in the urban area. 

Concept, Content & Activity by Rémi Potriquet
Concept, Illustrations and Exhibition by Lisbel Gavara

Promotion Graphic Design by collective Morir de Frío.
Curated by Mixité
" Would weeds still be seen as bad herbs if we wouldn't consider the territory and the landscape as artificial spaces, for human consumption? 

'Weeds apology' presents a new view on the Vallés territory, through a cartography of the great entropy of those spaces where vegetation grows back, expanding free and spontaneously: through sandlots, waste-grounds, kerbs and in the ecosystems limits. Gilles Clément defines these residual spaces as "Third Landscape", biodiversity shelters in the urban space. 

We invite you to see life where we usually only see chaos. To consider those vain and transition terrains as spaces of reinvention and dialogue, where weeds, with its regenerative power, cultivate our capacity of imagining and rebuilding the environment.
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Weeds Apology - Exhibition
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lanómada - illustration