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    T-Shirt design for Temasek Poly's Green Building and Sustainability course.
T Shirt design for Temasek Polytechnic's Green Building & Sustainability course. 
I was tasked to design a shirt that reflects the ethos of GBS. Essentially, the course aims to train engineers to "go green" in the midst of this rapidly-changing world, so as to build a sustainable world for the future.
As it is the only Green Building-related course in Singapore, it may get tiresome for coursemates to explain what they're about, over and over again. In response to this, I've illustrated simple examples of application, of the course's knowledge.

Like any engineering course, it is structured and systematic in nature.
Each plane explains a certain aspect of the course.
- The first plane (windmills) advocates the usage of sustainable energy sources. (harness the power the wind into electricity)
- The second plane (reusing bricks) shows the practice of recycling (where workers are churning old bricks to use as aggregate for new concrete)