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VENT: Find Events Near You

Created in 24 hours at HackNC 2019
Search for concerts, sporting events, and more near you using your GPS location!
VENT searches for concerts, sporting events, and more using your GPS location and the radius you specified to search. If you see an event you're interested in, swipe right to save it, or swipe left if you're not interested. Tap the mail icon, and VENT will email you the list of events you are interested in. It's that simple!

VENT was created in just 24 hours for HackNC 2019, a Hackathon at UNC Chapel Hill
When creating VENT, I was inspired by the functionality of the online dating app Tinder, and specifically the way that you are presented with choices, swiping right for "interested" and left for "not interested". This type of interaction is intuitive and easy to understand for users, especially those on mobile devices. So, instead of a vertical list with infinite-scrolling that you may find on other ticket finding applications, I decided to redesign event searching with a new and more user-friendly method of interaction.
Tools Used:
HTML/CSS/SASS, Node.js, JavaScript, Bulma, Ticketmaster Discovery API, Anime.js
-- Awards --
Best UX Award - HackNC 2019 - Presented & Judged by CapTech Consulting
Wolfram Award - HackNC 2019 - Presented by Wolfram Language
VENT: Find Events Near You

VENT: Find Events Near You

VENT is a web application to search for events near you using your device's GPS location. I created VENT in just 24 hours for HackNC 2019, a Hack Read More