Al Arabi Oil_Key Visuals

There is an opinion that deep-frying is french fries, fish and chips and other simple snacks. The main task for us was to show that there are more interesting dishes that can be deep-fried in Al Arabi oil. To do this, together with the BBDO Impact agency (Riyadh), we went through a hundred recipes and chose 4 different dishes. We invited chef Sergei Ilyin, who, moreover, was a very talented chef, he also perfectly prepared dishes for photography, so that we would get the most juicy shots.​​​​​​​

Before shooting, we made 3D compositions to coordinate with the client. This helped to reduce risks in the shooting process and the client knew exactly what to expect and we knew exactly what the client expects.

Thanks for watching, guys:)

Al Arabi Oil. Key Visuals