The Finger Run
In Italy, Multiple Sclerosis is a widespread condition, also between young people. What’s not spreading is knowledge of the disease, 
even if an early diagnosis can make the difference. We helped the Italian Association of Multiple Sclerosis, AISM, to raise awareness on MS 
and to reach a younger audience’s attention. Attention which is low on MS but incredibly strong on smartphones.

In view of MS World Day, we turned their scrolling addiction into something meaningful. Together with Facebook, we built an instant game from scratch and we launched the most no-sense, no-profit digital event ever done: a 12 hours collective marathon to run with fingers, on a very accessible track, Facebook Messenger. Considering the impressive growth of Facebook games, we set a challenging goal 
to the whole community: to reach the 42km objective, all together.

We created an addicting game that raises your awareness of MS. Obstacles were turned into opportunities to learn more about the disease. 
We also provided players with paid tools to make the game more engaging while collecting donations.

We launched the game and the event on Facebook through an impactful video-strategy 
that invited users to train their fingers for the collective marathon.

Two days before the marathon, a team of influencers received a training kit to get ready for the Finger Run. All the influencers shared their favorite way to train their fingers with the gears that was sent. And, in the day of the event, they played the game alongside their followers.

Agency: DUDE
Chief Creative Officers & Partners: Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti
Deputy Creative Directors: Nicolò Carrassi & Luca Riva
Junior Copywriter: Cecilia Panisi
Junior Art Director: Alessandro Borrelli
Account Director: Elena Panza 
Account Executive: Giorgia Marchelli
Strategist: Marco Frugiuele 
Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari
Producer: Andrea Italia 
Digital Executive: Mirko Mantellato
Post Production Supervisor: 
Seba Morando
Motion Designer: 
Dario Lipani
Film Editor: 
Federica Ruggeri
Direction/Set Design: Dadomani
Creative Partner: Facebook Creative Shop​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Finger Run
Multiple Owners
Alessandro Borrelli