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    Art Direction | Daniel Marques Photographer | Manuel Rodrigues Graphic Design | Daniel Marques
"Golden Dreams" was developed exclusively for Zara Man, we wanted to explore the beauty of gold,
not in a polish sense but ratter in a over texturized way. This raw feel was then balanced by delicate and
fragile poses, allways looking for strong contrast. Lighting conditions were key in creating the right shades
and revealling textures but not compromising the feel of the shot. 
Graphically, contrast once again became of great importance. Splitting the image in two and over exposing
the metallic took the shots to a more dream/poetic state of mind.  
Created  in Crispim Abreu lda. (2012)
Client | Zara 
Original Artwork  latter printed with strong metallic details
Final product photography by ZARA available on their website
Behind the scenes detail shot