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    Vehicle Magnets designed for M&T Banks Sports Sponsorship Program while I was an employee at Promotional Xpressions LLC
2009 Ravens Magnets
Vehicle Magnets for M&T Banks Sports Sponsorship Program
Designed while working at Promotional Xpressions LLC
At my last job I had the pleasure of working on many advertising specialty projects for some great people from M&T Bank. The crown jewel, and biggest annual project for the company was definitely the vehicle magnets for the banks sports sponsorship program. I was able to do the magnets in 2008 for both the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills, and in 2009 for the Baltimore Ravens.

The 2009 magnets were definitely my favorite. Brian K, my contact at the bank and essentially my art director for the project, told me that the bank wanted something a little more 'edgy' for the 2009 magnets. As a base and starting point we played a bit off of the 2007 magnets, which also utilized the forward facing Ravens head and eyes. We also experimented with various shapes and sizes for the magnets as a way of departing from the oval / football shapes which had been utilized in years past. 

Waiting for approvals and working with revisions from both a major banking institution and a major sports franchise made for lots of comps and many revisions before we arrived at the final solution. Brian K was absolutely impeccable in guiding me towards the solution and also allowing me creative freedom to concept and design the project.

I'm not a football fan personally, but I really cherish this project. In the end I received excellent feedback from the client and 150,000 units were produced and distributed in the Baltimore area. One small portfolio piece and loads of experience and exposure. I can not leave my house without seeing my work on the back of peoples cars, which in itself is pretty cool.