Nike - Wall Goal
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Nike's ad campaign to celebrate the most important goals of the Corinthians history.
Agency: F/Nazca
Client: Nike
A social media campaign run by Nike and Corinthians to identify the twelve most significant goals in the club’s history has become a little more tactile. Following collection of the votes, an extended mural, painted at the club’s CT Joaquim Grava training complex and featuring the selected strikes, was unveiled recently.
Wall Goal, made with sweat and race, can be amazing, but not necessarily. Considered done with the feet, head, elbow, with that pinky nail or whatever else. Eventually performed outside of normal time, it is associated with moments of suffocation. With periods of eternal screams, chanting, and widespread euphoria. Intrinsically linked to the Corinthians Popular Republic and baptized in a symbolic goal that resulted in the fall of a wall. Goal which decides which chills.
Basíliio - Corinthians 1 X 0 Ponte Preta - Título Paulista de 1977
Viola - Corinthinas 1 X 0 Guarani (1988)
Socrates - Corinthinas 2 X 1 São Paulo (1979)
Neto - Corinthians 3 X 2 Flamengo (1991)
Edilson - Corinthians X Real Madrid (2000)
Ruço - Corinthians X Fluminense - Invasão do Maracanã (1976)
Ricardinho - Corinthians X Santos (2001)
Biro Biro
Guerrero - Corinthians 1 X 0 Chelsea - Campeão Mundial (2013)
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