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    3 hand embroidered book/diary sleeves based on the art done on the trucks. The Bhutaas (devil) are known to keep the evil powers away.
Truck art invention project started from the very trucks we see on the roads daily which really inspired me. There are special artists who are typically engaged in decorating these trucks, but due to a cheaper replacement of this art that is the stickers the artists are loosing their jobs. Thus I had come up with a few products which are of day to day use which can be made fun by using this art and can in turn be a livelihood for these artists. 

The embroidery project was an extension to this truck art intervention project. Here I tried to use some of the symbols of devils which are seen on the trucks and stylised them using embroidery as an embellishment. I worked a lot on experimenting with different kinds embroideries and patchwork. The final product were a set of 3 book sleeves.